Image displaying code that is used during Software Development

My Software Development Story

My Software Development story begins in 2009. It was my final year in completing my National Diploma and I chose to specialize in Business Analysis. I realized a little too late that I didn’t really have a passion for Business Analysis. By chance, I came across PHP in my final year of study and started playing around with it. I added PHP as a skill on my CV and got an internship as an intern PHP developer at a startup called Simply Colossal. While working at Simply Colossal, I had to continue teaching myself but my PHP skills improved tremendously. At the end of my 6-month internship, the company went on break and informed me that they would like me to return in the new year. Unfortunately, the company was not able to continue trading when the time came.

After my time at Simply Colossal, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to work as a Software Developer. Getting there would be a bit of a challenge though. Over the next year, I worked some odd jobs and did some soul searching. I was determined to do something that I love and was not prepared to settle. During this year, I took some pretty horrible jobs, some having nothing to do with what I studied. This experience only motivated me even further to work towards something I can be proud of.

Eventually, I got a job at CPUT which paid a decent salary and was somewhat fulfilling. I still had a strong desire to work as a Software developer though. I then decided to complete my Btech in Software Development. This might not have been the best decision. I was a bit naïve in thinking that the little bit of PHP I taught myself was enough for me to switch from Business Analysis to Software Development. A bit of a side note, when I completed my Btech, I still had no idea how to use a Constructor! In any case, I soldiered on and was required to complete a research thesis.

I decided to research how smartphone technology could be used to prevent crime. I received lots of positive feedback regarding my research. After completing my Btech I decided to implement my research into an Android app. Thus, I taught myself how to develop in Android. I have to say that this was a very exciting time for me. Solving real-world problems through technology was thrilling. I had no doubt that this is where my passion lies.

9 months later, I developed my first app called CitySpy, built a website, and submitted press releases to various media houses. In no time I was being contacted by companies such as Peoples Post, Die Son, Radio Sonder Grense, and ITweb, who were all interested in running a story about CitySpy. The app was even selected as a finalist in the Ericsson AHUB pitch-and-win competition in 2015. Alas, the hype died down, but my passion for solving problems through technology only increased.

The next part of my journey brought me to a company called Hyperion Development. I found out – through an article -that Hyperion offers software development courses and when you complete a course, they help you find a job. I thought that sounded amazing and decided to register for the Advance Mobile Developer Bootcamp. I finished the course in 3 months and was offered an internship at Hyperion which required me to build a minimum viable product for a startup called Mtabe .

I also created a profile on Offerzen which is how I would finally be discovered and land a job as a full-time Android Developer. I was extremely happy to have been offered this job and I can finally say that I love my job too. Even though it took me longer than normal, and the path I took to get here was a bit strange, the journey has made me appreciate being here even more.

My goal now is to improve my skills to become a great developer!