• This app formed part of the Capstone project for the Hyperion Advance Mobile Developer MicroDegree
  • I was required to create an Instagram clone and this app is my interpretation of it.
  • I also created a backend for this app using PHP and MySQL which was not part of the course but when looking at the requirements I knew I would need to create a backend.
  • I finished the app in under two weeks
  • To gain access to the apk, screenshots and PHP files, click here

App Requirements

  • User Login using user database
  • Image Upload (location should be added – city) from device – i.e Gallery, Camera, etc.
  • Ability for Users to view location of upload on Google Maps
  • Image Filtering (includes use of healing brush)
  • Ability to view other Users and their Images
  • Ability to like images of other users
  • Ability to follow other users
  • Lifecycle-aware functionality
  • Provide notification to User when they are followed or when a picture is liked (include a notification screen within the app for when a notification is clicked)
  • Create widget for home screen which displays latest notification and takes user to notification screen when selected
  • Ability to activate Face Detection on an image
  • Create Settings menu which allows User to change the theme of the application
  • Incorporate ConstraintLayout in View design (does not always have to be used throughout the project)
  • Implement automated unit testing of project components