Seedr – Torrents to Cloud

Seedr is a site that allows you to download torrents to the cloud, making it easy for you to access this data from anywhere where there is an internet connection.

This isn’t something unique, however, I have used nearly every similar site and I have to say, Seedr is up there with the best. You may ask why I would say that, and I will tell you. Even though the idea of downloading torrents to the cloud is not a unique one, Seedr has one unique aspect to it, that is, they give you the option of acquiring more space for free. It works like this, on the free account, you get 2GB of storage. You could pay  to upgrade that storage to 1TB, 100GB, or 30GB, or if you don’t need that much storage you could do things like posting a review on twitter, write a blog post, create a Youtube video, or pin Seedr’s image on Pinterest. Doing these tasks usually gives you 500mb of extra storage each.

You are also provided with a link that you can share on social networks. If anyone signs up to Seedr with your link , you are given another extra 500mb.

If this sounds appealing to you  then go ahead and visit Seedr at You won’t be disappointed!

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